The Top 10 eCommerce Hosting Services.

Our list of the top 10 online e-commerce web hosts to host your online store gives you options to consider if you’re developing a new website or if you want to move an existing online store.

Good website hosting providers are the most common starting point for creating online stores. Most come with the best e-commerce website builders, like Woocommerce and Woocommerce that are installed.

The Top Website Hosting Company in the World Overall

Because of their wide selection of green data centres along with their speedy customer service, we are awestruck by Siteground web hosting. They can accommodate every type of website.

We also provide a Shopify link to an extensive e-commerce solution. It’s the easiest and most complete user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and user-friendly online store platform. It’s easy to set up and, of course, hosting is also included.

To avoid headaches later on, an e-commerce site that is secure and trustworthy is essential to consider. Speed is a crucial conversion factor that impacts traffic, trust and customer experience.

Based on decades of experience and extensive research, these providers are the best web hosting providers.

It is essential to save money for certain people. It is possible to save money by choosing one of the lowest-priced hosting companies for your personal or information site. If you own an online business, it’s more important to choose the best. It’s crucial when selling products and services through an online shop.

What makes a good eCommerce Host?

If you’re looking to sell online There are a few elements that are essential to a successful e-commerce host.

Security is important and you should seek out secure web hosting services and expert advice. If you are planning to accept online payments via credit card, SSL certificates will be required. SSL enables your web address to begin with the padlock to signal security in the address bar.

Speed – A website that is fast is rewarded with higher Google rankings. It builds trust with your site’s visitors. Nobody wants to wait around for pages to load.

Reliability – consistent uptime is essential to maintain your Google ranking and building trust with regular and new customers.

Fantastic customer support There are affordable web hosting companies available, However, make sure you don’t compromise in support. eCommerce website hosting is more complicated than running a personal blog. Thus, speedy, reliable, and knowledgeable customer support staff is something you’ll appreciate if you need it.

This latest list of hosting companies was released in the month of November 2022. This list takes into consideration the experiences of the providers for the past three years. I’ve removed two hosts from the list due to issues with their uptime and customer service. Providers are only included when I have had positive experiences with them or have received positive reviews from several trustworthy sources.


Siteground offers SSL certificates for the security of websites via Let’s Encrypt.

One of the most well-known and popular web hosting companies in the world. Siteground’s e-commerce services include shared servers to powerful dedicated or cloud-based server plans. If you’re searching for the most efficient e-commerce hosting service within the UK, USA, Europe or Asia-Pacific region, you’ll find yourself taken care of.

Data centres are located in London, Chicago and Amsterdam. The closest one is available for you and your customers. This will help deliver the best website speed. Selling online is simpler when your website pages load fast.

Siteground gives great tips on which platforms to use to set up an online store. At the time of writing, there are 18 online shopping apps that are available for installation in one click within CPanel. These web hosts recommend Magento and WordPress. They offer both Magento and WordPress a prominent place on their websites.

Siteground provides PCI-compliant hosting solutions and 24/7 support. They also offer 99.9% uptime.

SSL Certificates Free of Charge

As we mentioned in our review earlier, the addition of free SSL certificates included in all of their hosting packages means you can get the green address bar as well as HTTPS, which is a crucial security signal for an online store to prove that the payment information of customers is secure and safe – without any extra expense. This is a great deal, as SSL certificates typically begin at around PS40/50 when using other hosting companies.

For owners of websites that sell online, it’s now a necessity to have the padlock symbol as well as HTTPS at your web address.

Google has made it clear that websites with valid HTTPS have a slight increase in rank. All non-HTTPS websites now show an error message in the Chrome web browser. Thus, the majority of active websites have moved to it.

Chrome already has a stronger warning for web pages which collect personal information via forms like payment information. It is crucial to have a valid SSL certificate in order to set up an e-commerce website.

The inclusion of a free SSL makes Siteground one of the top options for SEO-friendly and secure web hosting. It’s also one of the most reliable and speediest in addition to providing exceptional customer service.

Siteground’s approach of offering SSL free of charge by default is likely to be adopted by a lot of hosts.

Fast and efficient

Since the beginning, Siteground has been using Google cloud hosting infrastructure for all new customers. Apart from enhancing the efficiency and security of their services, this move also creates Siteground as one of the best green hosting firms around.

Learn more about their hosting plans and features on the Siteground website. It is among the leading e-commerce hosting services worldwide, according to our research. If you’re looking for a reliable value host for WordPress websites that use WooCommerce or other popular CMS/shopping cart platforms such as Magento, OpenCart or PrestaShop It’s an excellent choice.

Go to the Siteground eCommerce hosting section to learn more.

WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting – Kinsta

We’ve moved some sites to Kinsta, a specialist WordPress hosting service – Kinsta.

Kinsta is among the world’s top web hosting companies and has clients which comprise Fortune 500 companies. They are utilized by top global brands such as Ricoh and Intuit. Their customers aren’t restricted to individuals with large budgets. Prices start as low as $30 (around PS25) per month. And that low cost comes with good, fast service.

Google Cloud Platform is their hosting platform. How often do Google websites shut down? There are over 20 data centers in the world. To increase the speed of loading pages choose the one that is close to your site’s most frequent visitors.

Kinsta also offers a variety of website security measures that are in place. You can be sure of backups and uptime checks every two minutes.

They offer excellent customer service. The managed migration process to their hosting is helpful for those who have an existing website hosted elsewhere.

Visit their website to find out more about Kinsta hosting.


The eco-friendly, UK-based hosting company is the most recent addition to this list. This company seems to be a real treasure. We came across Kualo when looking for the most eco-friendly web hosting companies around the world and examining the authenticity of their environmental policies and practices. Kualo was ranked second-best with two other providers. Their customer service on the sites which we transferred to them was rated 5-Star in our evaluation.

They have a page on the site explaining the process they use to provide an environmentally friendly web hosting service that’s fast and reliable. This is because:

The data centers they operate are powered by 100% renewable energy, which comes directly from wind farms. This includes London Array – the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

Running an energy-efficient data centre is designed this way right from the beginning from the ground.

There are many other policies that could be utilized to cut down on travel for staff including smart cooling sensors for servers or intelligent cooling.

They provide affordable web hosting services for small-sized businesses. Kualo is also able to host large e-commerce sites using top platforms like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop or PrestaShop. The WordPress websites we have moved there have so far been extremely fast to load. They were simple to set up with the hosting cPanel, and the service has been reliable with no issues to date – many years after they started the use of them. Kualo web hosting is fantastic. We highly recommend them.


Regarding customer service and ease of operation, Bluehost is certainly justified in having a spot on the list of the top 10 hosting firms I have worked with up to now. When I first joined Bluehost, I signed up and paid online, and not long after (within around 24 hours I believe) I got a phone contact from them, asking whether I was doing good. I’ve never experienced this before. This was particularly impressive since they made the effort to call me during my working hours even though I’m based in the UK and they’re located in the US.

Bluehost was very professional and helpful for technical assistance I also found it quick and simple to work with. Although I have only used only a handful of their basic web hosting plans, they’re great value and frequently offer discounts. They’re definitely worth a spot in the list when looking at the top E-commerce hosting companies to host the online store you have. They’ve received plenty of good reviews.


Highly rated by numerous reviews on websites E-commerce hosting solutions offered by iPage are well-documented on their website. You can also use the ShopSite online shopping cart system as well as PayPal for credit/debit card processing. SSL Certificates improve security for customers.



Another website is hosted by UK servers. I’ve managed a retailer client’s e-commerce site on Clook without any problems. The servers are able to support a variety of popular eCommerce solutions like Magento, Zen Cart and OpenCart. Clook also offers secure payment processing.



Layershift hosts several of the top companies around the globe. It provides specialized solutions for web hosting and has help pages. For the most prominent online stores, Magento is a popular choice. Layershift provides easy installation along with hosted hosting that is managed and 24-hour support for this e-shop building platform. As part of their e-commerce hosting security solutions, there are automatic data backups every six hours available.



Rackspace provides a range of managed services that are available to large e-commerce businesses. They are also experts in the field of cloud hosting. Rackspace provides Linux as well as Windows cloud servers to sites with low traffic and storage requirements, such as websites that need 1GB of RAM and up to large, high-traffic sites that need 120 GB.

One of my previous employers used Rackspace to host its own sites and applications for various global blue-chip retailers, without any issues, to my knowledge. Are you looking for green hosting companies for your online store? Rackspace was among three companies to receive 5 stars on the Good Tech Guide’s list of the best green web hosting providers. They evaluated the environmental credentials of several hosts that claim to be eco-friendly.


This online store builder gives you an easy way to set up an online store and includes free online store hosting. It allows you to accept credit or debit card transactions, and other popular online payment processing platforms like PayPal and SagePay. EKMPowershop charges a monthly flat fee for use of the platform and hosting for e-commerce. However, there are no fees for transactions.

There are more than 150 templates available for your store at the time of writing. The platform has a variety of useful features that customers as well as business owners will find useful. This includes social media marketing tools, eBay integration, live chat capabilities, customer email verification and multi-currency displays. With this provider, you are able to host unlimited products on your site. It’s easy to include blog posts, promotional stickers and customer loyalty programs.


The complete online shop software and online store hosting solutions have brought in billions of dollars in revenue on more than one million retail websites. This complete web shop solution makes sure that every element of your online store are in sync.

For new users of the internet, it is easy to set up and use. This means that the e-shop owner does not need to seek out the help of experienced web developers. The majority of web design is handled by the store’s owner. A graphic designer can assist you to design a professional logo that will make your site look stunning.

Shopify allows you to set up online stores.

This would be a great solution for anyone looking to establish an on-demand shop that is both affordable and reliable. It is possible to upgrade it as your needs evolve.

It includes a variety of unique tools that are specific to online retail. They include gift cards as well as purchase journey analytics. The security of the shopping online experience is at the heart of its capabilities. Shopify is PCI Compliant. There is even a dedicated mobile point-of-sale extension that makes the process of buying online easier for customers.

Do you value an integrated, easy-to-use solution when selecting the best eCommerce hosting provider? Shopify is an ideal choice.

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