How to Choose the Best Blog Hosting: Top Blog Hosting Platforms and Hosts

People write blogs for a variety of reasons. For many, blogging is an outlet to express their thoughts and is an uncensored non-deadline area.

While some businesses and professionals blog to share knowledge to gain visibility, build a network and generate an income stream, many hobbyists just desire to share their life on the internet in a way that is more personal than what social media can allow.

Since blogging is an easy way to make your presence known and start a blog with very no technical experience. All you need is an internet connection, a domain and web hosting and blogging software. The majority of hosts will guide you through the set-up process, and we’ve collected a list of our favourites for specific services.

Highlights of the Top Blog Hosting Platforms

Hosting providers are pleased to offer hosting services which make it as easy as possible for novice blog owners and website owners. It would be difficult to find a hosting provider that has WordPress already installed.

  • One-click installations for the top blogging software
  • Free domain name for your new blog to host at
  • Unlimited storage space for all your media and contents
  • Website builders that can be customized with templates for websites
  • Tools to market your blog and help you get your blog noticed

I’ve always opted for WordPress for my blog requirements, but the open-source platform doesn’t hold an exclusive right to blog. Numerous hosts have invested resources in developing their own web builders as well as blogging tools, which have frequently incorporated web builders such as Wix and Weebly.

Most Popular Blogging Platforms

WordPress is the top blogging platform. WordPress runs about a third of all websites. There are at minimum 500 new WordPress sites created every day.

But that’s not to suggest that there aren’t other options that aren’t worth exploring. If you’d like to explore the less-travelled route look into b2evolution, Medium as well as the blogging tools of site builders.

WordPress Blog Hosting

There are two options to host your blog on WordPress. Signing up through will give you a free account and a very basic blog hosted at is an excellent choice for those who want greater control over their website and brand. It requires a web hosting account and lets you access the most extensive range of themes, plugins and web-based functionality.

You can install WordPress on virtually every hosting plan. Some hosting companies are doing an amazing job at improving their infrastructure and offering support for WordPress. InMotion Hosting and WPEngine are both well-known for their WordPress offerings.

InMotion is the engine behind its infrastructure, powered by ultra-fast SSDs and WPEngine’s renowned software layer provides security monitoring, caching, and a staging zone.

b2evolution Blog Hosting

Developed from the same source code that powers WordPress, b2evolution offers a complete tool. It includes features like anti-spam, analytics, as well as SEO and digital marketing tools. There is no requirement for third-party plugins to be updated like WordPress.

SiteGround optimizes blogging by providing a free domain name, transfer email, and easy evolution installation via Softaculous. SiteGround’s customized server configuration and SSD storage mean that you won’t be a burden to anyone when it comes to loading pages at a slow speed. SiteGround’s most popular blogging platform B2evolution is the second most popular platform to WordPress.

Websites for Blog Hosting Free

It’s easy to see why you’d spend money on something that can be had for no cost. Yes, free web hosting sites are available. They are not recommended. You can have a speedier, more reliable website with a trusted host who will answer your calls or chats 24 hours a day.

If you’re interested in taking blogging tools and web hosting for a test drive before investing anything, give Wix a trial. The well-known drag-and-drop website builder platform offers an absolutely free Wix domain and 500MB of storage space to start however, it’s a minimal environment. When you upgrade to a paid account, that ranges from $10 to $50 per month, you’ll be able to use your own domain name and gain more storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Best Blog Hosting Reviews Overall

The nuts and bolts behind the majority of shared hosting plans are generally pretty similar: one-click installations as well as advertising credits and 24-hour support. Hosting providers can differentiate themselves by their ease of use and price and marketing tools.

Easiest Blog Hosting: Wix

Wix is a top choice for website owners who are just starting out. It offers low-barrier access to blogging at an affordable cost. The website editor is easy to navigate, offering easy access to blogging tools, as well as other apps you may want to incorporate into your site.

Cheapest Blog Hosting: iPage

Sister companies with Bluehost and HostGator, iPage is another top-quality service with an impressive array of features for an eye-popping price. iPage offers three site builders and dozens of automated installation options for just only $2 per month. If you decide to use WordPress to host your blog, the web hosting service will also offer a selection of carefully selected themes, as well as pre-installed caching and social media plug-ins.

Best Blog Platform for SEO: WPEngine

We adore Bluehost and the top-quality hosting service offers much more than optimized WordPress hosting. Hosting clients have the option to get a Weebly website builder and blogging tools, as well as a premium WordPress experience powered by one of the few WordPress Core hosting providers. Each platform comes with search engine marketing credits as well as built-in tools to improve your search engine performance.

Best Blogging Platforms For Professionals and Hobbyists

This straightforward format to share text, images and videos is a great benefit. It is also very useful for a variety of users. Professionals and companies can expand their following and their authority on a given topic as casual users can share their enthusiasm and promote a particular topic — or just blog about themselves.

For writers: InMotion Hosting

You need a stable platform to accomplish your task whether you’re an experienced writer or a fan of the idea of writing your next great American novel. InMotion Hosting is one of our favourite WordPress hosts. While you’ll pay a little more than the other hosting plans for this, you’ll get top support and reliable hardware.

Wix for travellers

Wix, a well-known service to share your adventures is well-known for its drag-and-drop site builder. The platform has over 90 million users and has around 45,000 new signups every day. Its blog platform is well-liked by travellers because of its hundreds of attractive, modern designs that are designed specifically for photography and travel. It is possible to manage your blog from anywhere with an app for mobile devices that is robust and powerful. Upload images, edit posts and even upload them when you’re moving.

For Entrepreneurs: SiteGround

SiteGround is a high-end hosting provider. SiteGround developers created top-tier solutions which optimize all levels of hosting packages. The managed WordPress service is designed for speed, built for security, and tailored to WordPress. SiteGround’s GoGeek plan includes premium SSL certificates and PCI compliance for those who are looking to launch businesses or make a profit blogging.

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